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1.1. The General Terms and Conditions are a lawful agreement between an account owner (user / player) and the company ( All account owners registered at should act in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions.

1.2. Before you start playing, you must register a player account at

1.3. An account at is an account belonging to its Owner for honest execution of normal commercial transactions between the Owner and Krakencassino and for betting money or engaging in other gambling-related activities.

1.4., hereinafter referred to as the “Website”, is an Internet gateway accessed online at It has all relevant information about Krakencassino activities and used by the Company to provide services to its account owners.

1.5. Please mind the fact that each game at Krakencassino has its own rules and conditions.

1.6. You can read the terms and conditions of every bonus and promotion in the "Promotions" section of the Website.

1.7. Users must use all the services provided by the Company in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and applicable restrictions.

1.8. The text of the Terms and Conditions is in English, which has legal force. The translation of the Terms and Conditions into any other language is carried out for information purposes only. In case of any inconsistency or discrepancy between the English language text and any other language version, the text of the Terms and Conditions in English shall prevail.

2. Create an account

2.1. Before you start playing or using our services, you must register a player account at our Website.

2.2. You can create an account at in several ways:

- by pressing Registration button and following the on-screen instructions;

- by using other means proposed by Krakencassino from time to time.

2.3. Your account will be managed by Krakencassino and/or its affiliate and/or another company you entered into the contract with.

2.4. You must provide us with personal data during registration, which includes your name and date of birth, as well as contact details, address, phone number and email (hereinafter referred to as the "Personal data"). To modify your Personal data, you can contact our Customer support or just use the My Profile tab in your account. The Company may suggest other means to edit personal data from time to time.

2.4.1. The finance department may postpone processing a withdrawal request due to additional verification.

2.5. By creating your account, you guarantee the following:

- You understand and accept the existing risks of losing your money by using the services of the Website;

- You are at least 18 years old. If you are under 18, please close our Website;

- You are over the legal gambling age in your jurisdiction;

- Gambling is not prohibited in your jurisdiction;

- You can enter into contracts under the laws of your jurisdiction;

- You are not banned from gambling;

- Your account hasn't been deleted for the following reasons: conspiracy, fraud, criminal activity, violation of the Terms and Conditions or the Responsible gaming clause.

- In order to prevent fraud and to add an additional layer of security to your transactions, Krakencassino performs identity verification and payment authentication.

- An account owner must complete the account verification before withdrawing funds. This could be done by sending a message in the chat at the Krakencassino website, or by sending an email directly to the financial department: [email protected].

- The account verification can take up to 24 hours from the receipt of the necessary documents sent by e-mail to: [email protected] 9.00-18.00 (GMT+2).

2.5.2 In some cases, Risk Krakencassino Casino Department has the right to request video verification from the player via Skype.

- if the player does not pass the verification procedure by calling Skype at an agreed time with the representative of the Risk Department, the Site Administration reserves the right to cancel all winnings and close the account without the right to recovery.

2.6. When creating an account, your personal data must be accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date, such as name, email address etc. You're not allowed to create multiple accounts: only 1 account per person. You're not allowed to create an account for any other person, family member, address (mail or IP), email or device. Any other accounts besides your main Krakencassino account are considered duplicates. The Casino reserves the right to block multiple accounts without notice.

If we decide to delete a duplicate account:

- all bonuses, free spins and winnings that you received by using this account will be canceled;

- the Company has the right to confiscate deposits that were made with a duplicate account. Any of your accounts (both main and duplicate) can be used to withdraw deposits;

- the Company has the right to allow a player to use multiple accounts. In this case, all winnings, bonuses, deposits and bets will remain valid.


3.1. Krakencassino may at its discretion at any time:

- reject a user's request to create a Krakencassino account;

- block an existing Krakencassino account without notice;

- reject deposits without explanations;

- request additional documents at any time to verify the identity of an account owner. The Сompany has the right to suspend the account until the user provides necessary documents;

- suspend or block access to the services of the Сompany, confiscate funds from the player's balance in the event that the same payment details are used with another account.

- store and manage users' funds in accordance with generally accepted financial management principles for such funds;

- block a Krakencassino account, confiscate funds or reject claims if an account owner directly or indirectly violated the Company's corporate policy published on the Website or is caught or suspected of conducting illegal activities on Krakencassino (violated a law in vigor or other regulations, the rights of a third party);

- suspend or block access to some or all games, promotions, prize drawings or other services, if there's a legitimate reason to believe that a Krakencassino account is used, has been used or will be used to carry out fraud or any other illegal activities;

- suspend or block access to the services of the Сompany, confiscate funds if there are reasons to believe that a user is cheating or attempting to harm (in any way) the client base or the Krakencassino software;

- suspend or block access to the Website if there are reasons to believe that a user is using AI to play on the Website or trying to team up with another player or group of players. By registering on the Website, a user agrees to play in accordance with the principles of fair play, otherwise, he will have an undeniable advantage in a game over other players.

- timely suspend or block the Account Holder participation in the Services, forfeit or confiscate funds available on the Krakencassino Account if its Holder is found cheating. Also it can happen if Krakencassino administration has the reasons to believe that the Account Holder has used a system (including machines, robots, computers, software or any other automated system), that is designed to defeat or capable of defeating the Client Application and/or Software.

3.2. Krakencassino guarantees:

- safe and proper management of user funds;

- collection, storage and management of personal data of users in accordance with the Information privacy law;

- storage of user funds in a separate bank account.

3.3. Krakencassino is not a financial institution and does not charge interest on registered user accounts.

3.4. You're not allowed to create multiple Krakencassino accounts: only 1 account per person. If a user has violated this condition, Krakencassino has the right to block and/or delete duplicate Krakencassino accounts, confiscate or redirect all funds to the main Krakencassino account.

Any bonuses of duplicate Krakencassino accounts will be confiscated.

3.5. It is prohibited to disclose your account data to third parties, sell or transfer access to the account, or buy access to another account.

3.6. It is prohibited to transfer funds from one account to another


4.1. Account settings allow an account owner to:

- block access to games for a certain period of time.

4.2. If Krakencassino has reason to believe that gambling can ruin a person's life socially, emotionally and financially, the Company reserves the right to block the user’s access to his account.

4.3. Please note that gambling can be addictive. If you’re preoccupied with gambling, spending more and more time and money on it, chasing losses, or gambling despite serious consequences in your life, you can contact technical support to block your account.


5.1. An account is considered inactive if it hasn’t been used for more than 12 consecutive months.

5.2 Krakencassino has the right to suspend or delete accounts if:

- a Krakencassino account doesn't record any transaction for 12 consecutive months (such accounts are considered inactive. If your account has become inactive, and we tried to get in touch with you, but there was no answer, the Company has the right to delete your account);

- Krakencassino administration tried to get in touch with the owner of the inactive account, but there was no answer / necessary payment instructions were not respected.

5.3. If your account has been blocked or deleted, and your account balance is positive, you must contact Krakencassino support and, if necessary, provide detailed information to resolve the issue of possible withdrawal of remaining funds.

5.4. The Company has the right to charge a monthly fee for an inactive account in the amount of 5 EUR /month (or the equivalent in another currency).

5.5. Any balance on an inactive account received as cashback will be immediately canceled.


6.1. According to the following conditions, any laws, regulatory acts, policies and provisions of the General Terms and Conditions and without prejudice to the Company, Krakencassino reserves the right to suspend a Krakencassino account for the period needed to fulfill a chargeback request.

6.2. Upon receipt of a chargeback request, Krakencassino will send a notification about its processing to the e-mail address indicated in the owner’s account. This is to confirm the identity of the account owner, as well as to clarify the payment method used by the owner to deposit or withdraw funds. If, after receiving the notification, the account owner didn’t confirm his identity and payment method, Krakencassino will send two additional notifications to the e-mail address indicated in the owner’s account. A processing fee of 50 EUR will be deducted from the amount to be refunded for each email sent.

6.3. If during the processing of a chargeback request the user account was blocked and the user:

- not logged into his account for 6 consecutive months

- didn’t confirm his identity, payment method and details for returning unused funds, Krakencassino has the right to debit the remaining funds from the inactive account in its favor.


7.1. The account owner can delete his account at any time by sending an email to the Krakencassino support: [email protected]. The remaining balance will be returned to the account owner according to payment details indicated by him.

7.2. In order to return funds on a blocked or deleted account, you must contact Krakencassino support to clarify details necessary for refund.

7.3. If you want to delete your account due to gambling addiction, or your account was blocked by Krakencassino due to fraudulent activities, you agree to never create a new account on this Website. The Company is not responsible for any losses you may incur after opening a new account. We reserve the right to delete an account violating these conditions at any time.

7.4. You can delete your account only if you do not have funds on the balance and/or there aren’t any withdrawal requests in the course of processing.

The player undertakes not to open a new account. The casino is not responsible for opening by you a new account and any losses that you may incur after opening a new account. We reserve the right at any time to close an account that was created on violation of these rules.


8.1. Any financial transaction (balance replenishment / money transfer, etc.) via a Krakencassino account can be carried out at any time with the help of a Financial Institution or a Payment service provider.

- Method, conditions, availability and duration of monetary transactions on the account depends on the time required to perform these transactions, as well as on the country of residence of a user and a financial institution used for these transactions.

8.2. Krakencassino has the right to reject a transaction if an account owner did not provide enough evidence to prove his identity, age, location and ability to pay.

8.3. Krakencassino transfers all funds received from an account owner to his Krakencassino account. All user funds are stored in a bank account separate from that of the Company.

8.4. An account owner can:

- deposit funds to his Krakencassino account by using only his personal credit card or personal account opened with a Financial institutions or its licensees;

- it is forbidden to provide access to the account to third parties, including for making deposits or withdrawing funds. An account owner agrees that his account is for his own use only;

- an account owner is not allowed to transfer funds from your account to other players or vice versa.

- an account owner is solely responsible for compliance with the above obligations.

8.5. Krakencassino has the right to reject a bet if the name of the account owner from which funds are transferred differs from that indicated in the personal/contact information of the account owner and there is insufficient evidence that this account really belongs to the account owner.

8.6. Krakencassino does not interfere with the balance of a Krakencassino account owner unless it is necessary to:

- debit a Krakencassino account for a bet made, to be made or about to be made by its owner during a game;

- initiate a chargeback by request of a Krakencassino account owner;

- pay basic bank fees for deposits and withdrawals.

8.7. The balance on your Krakencassino account may become negative if you have sent a chargeback request to a Financial institution and it has been approved.

8.8. If an account owner requests a withdrawal of funds he deposited or received from the Company as real money, but never used in games, Krakencassino will reject this request in order to prevent money-laundering.

8.9. Krakencassino has the right to determine maximum and minimum deposit amount depending on the payment method chosen by a user.

8.10. Some countries may ban gambling and classify gambling games as illegal. If you are a resident of these countries, please stop using the Website immediately. Users are responsible for their actions or conduct on the Website in accordance with applicable laws.

8.11. Krakencassino prohibits the use of the Website for money laundering. The Company has the right to block any suspicious transactions and notify the relevant authorities about them.

8.12. Krakencassino undertakes to check transactions of all users to prevent money laundering.

8.13. A user is fully responsible for paying and performing the necessary tax checks, as well as for paying all necessary taxes associated with winnings, prizes, his account and activities on the Website.

8.14. A user confirms that he’s the legitimate owner of the money he deposits and that the money is not tainted with any illegality and does not originate from any illegal activity or source. A user undertakes to use only those funds in the Casino that were obtained legally.

8.15. When you use G2A Pay services provided by G2A.COM Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "G2A Pay services provider") to make a purchase on our website, responsibility over your purchase will first be transferred to G2A.COM Limited before it is delivered to you. G2A.COM is becoming Merchant of Record over your purchase. G2A Pay services provider assumes primary responsibility, with our assistance, for payment and payment related customer support. The terms between G2A Pay services provider and customers who utilize services of G2A Pay are governed by separate agreements which can be found under the link and are not subject to the Terms on this website.

8.16. In order to proceed the payment transaction, you temporary entrusts the G2A.COM with subject of the transaction, and G2A.COM takes responsibility for the product and for the transaction processing.

With respect to customers making purchases through G2A Pay services provider checkout, (i) the Privacy Policy of G2A Pay services provider shall apply to all payments and should be reviewed before making any purchase, and (ii) the G2A Pay services provider Refund Policy shall apply to all payments unless notice is expressly provided by the relevant supplier to buyers in advance. In addition the purchase of certain products may also require shoppers to agree to one or more End-User License Agreements (or ""EULAs"") that may include additional terms set by the product supplier rather than by Us or G2A Pay services provider. You will be bound by any EULA that you agree to.

You are responsible for any fees, taxes or other costs associated with the purchase and delivery of your items resulting from charges imposed by your relationship with payment services providers or the duties and taxes imposed by your local customs officials or other regulatory body.

For customer service inquiries or disputes, You may contact us by email at [email protected]

Where possible, we will work with you and/or any user selling on our website, to resolve any disputes arising from your purchase


9.1 Withdrawal from the gaming account can be made in any way available at the Casino website at the time of replenishment.

9.2 The Casino reserves the right to transfer funds in a way different from the payment method specified by the Gambler.

- When verifying your account you must provide the following documents:

- copy of your passport or driver’s license in color with valid expiration date;

- copy of the credit/debit card in color that was used to replenish the balance (both sides). It is necessary to hide the middle 8 digits of the card and the CVV code

- screenshot of your bank account with the following information:

- Bank account number / IBAN

- Bank ID / BIC

- full address of the recipient party (zip code, street, city, country)

- screenshot of your electronic wallet, that was used to replenish the balance (with wallet number and personal data page)

- if necessary, your selfie with a passport or driver’s license in hand

- copy of the utility bill (not older than 3 months), which clearly shows the name and address of residence

- We may occasionally request additional information or details regarding any deposit made by you.

- All withdrawal requests are processed by the financial department within 24 hours after the successful identity and account verification, every days 9.00-18.00 (GMT+2).

- Krakencassino is not responsible for non-compliance with the withdrawal terms for technical reasons beyond the control of the Casino.

- Krakencassino has the right to determine its own payment and withdrawal terms and maximum and minimum withdrawal amount for each procedure, which may differ depending on the withdrawal method, account status and other possible factors affecting the withdrawal process.

- There is a limit of 3 simultaneous withdrawal requests. The maximum withdrawal limits per transaction / in 24 hours / month are determined as follows:

per transaction: 200$

in 24 hours: 1000$

per month: 500 000$

9.2.1. All requested documents by our financial department, that are required for the verification of your account should be sent via e-mail to: [email protected].

9.3. Krakencassino may, at its discretion, choose a Payment service provider to perform certain procedures concerning deposits, withholding and managing funds and/or to facilitate the withdrawal process from Krakencassino accounts.

- request a withdrawal of funds from his Krakencassino account only to his personal account opened with a Financial institutions or its licensees;

- the minimum withdrawal amount is 20 EUR \20$ for bank cards and 20\20$ for other payment methods;

- withdrawal can only be made using the exact same method that you used to add funds to your account. Therefore, you must ensure that payment details meet the requirements of a respective payment system. If a payment system is not available for withdrawal for any reason, the Casino has the right to choose a withdrawal method in its sole discretion;

- The Casino has the right to determine its own payment and withdrawal terms and maximum and minimum withdrawal amount for each procedure, which may differ depending on the withdrawal method, account status and other possible factors affecting the withdrawal process.

- If the amount of bets from the player’s real balance at the time of application for withdrawal is less than three times the deposit, the Company has the right to withhold a commission of up to 10% of the withdrawal amount. The commission is deducted from the player’s real balance.

- an account holder is fully responsible for providing the Krakencassino administration with accurate payment details in order to request withdrawals or refunds;

9.4 Withdrawal is carried out by transferring funds to the bank account of a Krakencassino account owner, if he made such a request. Krakencassino has the right to limit the maximum withdrawal per Krakencassino account.

9.5 In order to withdraw funds, you must perform the following steps:

- Select Withdraw funds in the appropriate section of your Krakencassino account.

- Choose a suitable withdrawal method.

- You may be asked to provide the necessary personal data to confirm your identity, ownership of the account and the amount required for withdrawal.

- After clicking on the "Confirm" button, you will see a notification confirming the withdrawal request.

- Withdrawal can only be made using the exact same method that you used to add funds to your account. There may be restrictions on withdrawals. Krakencassino may require additional information to confirm your identity and account to be credited(selfie with passport / credit or debit card, etc.).

9.6 Krakencassino reserves the right to charge a processing fee for withdrawals.


10.1 A refund request will only be considered if it is requested within the first twenty-four (24) hours of the alleged transaction, or within thirty (30) calendar days if a Player alleges that another individual has accessed his/her Player Account.

10.2 If you have funding your account with a Credit Card we reserve the right to pay all withdrawal requests up to the total amount deposited as refunds against the purchases you have made. If your withdrawals exceed the total amount deposited, any excess amount will be paid to you via one of our alternative methods available.

10.3 Before a refund is processed all bonuses and winnings in your balance will be deducted prior to calculating the amount to be refunded.

10.4 In case any Credit Card purchases are considered to carry an unacceptable risk for security or legal reasons either by our Payment processors or by the Casino, we will initiate refunds for all such transactions back to the Сredit Сard, and notify all the appropriate authorities and parties.

10.5 If the client initiates the "deposit refund", in this case the funds will be returned to the client within 7 working days, after the client has made a request for a refund, as well as the confirmation of the request from the financial department side.

11. Anti-Money Laundering Policy

As soon as the Player opens an account with Krakencassino Casino, the Player is agreeing to abide by all the rules and regulations relating to anti-money laundering that are in place. In short, the Player binds himself not to use funds that are, in any way whatsoever, the proceeds of crime.

Players may not use Krakencassino Casino’s services in any way directly or indirectly associated with money laundering.

If the Player does not respect these rules and regulations, then Krakencassino Casino may suspend the Player’s Account pending investigation.

Registration of Players

The process for the registration of players is provided for under the Terms and Conditions.

Before any opening of an Account there must be registration by the Players which involves the provision of accurate details to Krakencassino Casino. It is the Player’s responsibility to immediately provide Krakencassino Casino with updated information to any information / documentation provided at the initial Account opening stage. Krakencassino Casino has the discretion to verify creditworthiness of a Player with third parties who previously provided any information on the Player.

Upon Registration, Player must fill in all the information requested, and it is Player's responsibility to ensure that the information provided is complete and accurate.

Krakencassino Casino reserves the right to carry out verification procedures. In case Krakencassino Casino suspects that Player provided false information, we are entitled to close and block Player's access to Account.

Player has the responsibility to inform Krakencassino Casino of any updates or changes of his information.

If Krakencassino Casino becomes aware that a person has provided false information We will immediately cancel that person’s registration as a Player with Krakencassino Casino and close his Account.

No person under eighteen years of age (or the applicable majority age in that person’s jurisdiction) may be registered as a Player and any funds deposited or any money won by any such persons shall be forfeited to the Regulatory Authority.

Krakencassino Casino shall, always, keep a secure online list of all registered Players. Any one individual can only register a single Account with Krakencassino Casino and multi-account practices are strictly prohibited.

Anonymous Accounts

Krakencassino Casino shall not open anonymous Accounts or Accounts in fictitious names such that the true beneficial owner is not known.

Examination of transactions

Krakencassino Casino reserves the right to monitor all the transactions with a view to prevent money laundering. Furthermore, Krakencassino Casino reserves the right to examine with special attention, and to the extent possible, the background and purpose of any complex or large transactions and any transactions which are particularly likely, by their nature, to be related to money laundering or the funding of terrorism.

Payments of winnings

A Player requesting the first withdrawal following registration shall be required to verify his identity through the submission of a copy of an identification document. The withdrawal request shall not be acceded to by Krakencassino Casino prior to receipt of a copy of this document from the Player.

In all cases, Krakencassino Casino reserves the right to suspend a cash-out request pending verification of Player’s identity, age and location.

Payments of winnings or refunds shall be transferred back through the same channel from which Player had made the original transfer in the first place. Where this is not possible, the Player shall be requested to provide an alternative channel together with sufficient proof that such channel relates back to the Player. It shall be within the Krakencassino Casino's sole discretion to determine whether proof provided by the Player is sufficient or not. Krakencassino Casino may, in its sole discretion and in accordance to the licencing compliance rules and an internal risk assessment, require a first payment of winnings for the Player being released as the bank transfer wire with a purpose of completing the KYC verification checks.

All withdrawals from Players must be thoroughly checked as per our payout management procedures before being processed. When it becomes evident that a Player never had the intention to carry out any betting activity with us, the Player should be informed that funds will not be processed until his identity, age and place of residence is proven beyond doubt and/or a period of at least three months has elapsed from when the deposit was made.

Acceptance of wager

Krakencassino Casino shall not accept a wager from a Player unless– an Account has been established in the name of the Player and there are adequate funds in the Account to cover the amount of the wager; and the funds necessary to cover the amount of the wager are provided in an approved way.

AML Procedures

To reduce the possibility that our operation is used to launder money:

Only bets from known individuals are accepted.

Cash deposits or withdrawals are not accepted.

We reserve the right to limit bets without prior notice.

Betting activity will be monitored for irregular patterns.

All withdrawal requests will be manually checked to ensure withdrawals are always paid out to the same account used to deposit whenever possible.

Players who deposited but did not place any bets, or only made a deposit to receive free spins, cannot withdraw any money from their casino account.

A player always needs to have placed at least his deposit amount in bets before he or she is able to withdraw the money.

Krakencassino Casino shall not make a payment which results in an excess of two thousand Euro (€ 2,000) gained within 24 hours or a payment which results in an excess of two thousand three hundred Euro (€2,300) cumulated of all payouts requested by a Player from the moment of registration, being withdrawn out of a Player’s Account to a Player until the Player’s identity, age and place of residence have been verified.


Krakencassino Casino cannot accept cash from players and funds may be received from players only by any of the following methods-

i. credit cards.

ii. debit cards.

iii. bank transfer;

iv. e-wallets.

Reporting to authorities

Krakencassino Casino reserves the right to report suspicious transaction to the relevant authorities.


12.1. A user shall be fully responsible for any activities undertaken on his Krakencassino account, including the participation in games. The Website and Games are provided without any warranties, express or implied.

12.2. The company, its directors, employees, partners, service providers:

- do not guarantee that the software or the Website are consistent with that purposes, which they can be used with;

- do not guarantee that the software and Website do not and will not have any errors;

- do not guarantee that the Websites and Games will be smooth accessible

- are not responsible for any loss, costs, expenses or damages, whether direct, indirect, special, consequential, incidental or otherwise, arising in relation to your use of the Websites or Your playing the Games.

12.3. You agree to respect the security of the company, its directors, employees, partners and service providers and protect them from any cost, expense, loss, damages, claims and liabilities howsoever caused that may arise in relation to your use of the Website or participation in the Games.


13.1. Regarding to the company and during the usage of services, provided by Krakencassino, users are prohibited from:

- abusing of bonuses or other promotions;

- using unfair external factors and influences on the game result (often known as a cheating);

- using unfair advantages;

- opening and using any extra Duplicate Accounts;

- Implementation of fraudulent and criminal activities (as defined in paragraph

11.4) They are constitute a "Prohibited Practices" and are not permitted. Krakencassino will take all reasonable actions to prevent and detect such practices and to identify the relevant players concerned if they do occur.

13.2. You agree that you shall not participate in any form of Prohibited Practice or be connected with them in connection with your access to or use of the Services. You are responsible for fairness of your gaming process. You also agree that you will report to Krakencassino administration about attempts to collude, take an unfair advantage or conduct criminal activities of other players if you become aware of them.

13.3. In the case, if:

- we have strong reasons to believe that you have taken part in or have been connected with any form of Prohibited Practice (any fraud, cheating, collusion and else Prohibited Practice);

- you have made bets or played online games with any other online gambling services provider and, as a result of your activity on that services, you were suspected of taking part in any Prohibited Practice or other improper activity;

- you have "charged back" or denied any of the purchases or deposits that you made to your account;

- you are classified as a bankrupt or suffer from analogous proceedings anywhere in the world.

Krakencassino has a right to withhold the whole balance or part of it, to recover from the account the amount of any deposits, payments, bonuses or winnings, if we have a reason to believe that they have been affected by any of the paragraphs, mentioned above.

13.4. By "fraudulent practice" we mean any fraudulent activity which is/were implemented by you or by any another person (or even group of persons), who did it with using your name and account or who acting in collusion with you.

13.4.1. Fraudulent practice includes:

- fraudulent activities related to charge-backs and rake-back;

- the usage of a stolen, cloned or otherwise unauthorized credit or debit card, as a resource of funds;

- the Account Holder`s collusion with other users for getting an unfair advantage (including through bonus schemes or similar incentives offered by us);

- trying to use false or misleading information in registration of account;

- any illegal in any applicable jurisdiction act, which you have done or tried to do. Fraudulent practice also includes unfaith acts or those, which were made in order to defraud us and to circumvent any contractual or legal restrictions (whether such act actually causes us any damage/harm or not).

13.4.2. Unfair advantage includes (but is not limited by):

- the exploitation of a fault, loophole or error in our software or software of any third party's, if you have exploited it for getting an advantage;

- the usage of automatic players ('bots') or other third party`s software or analysis systems aimed at forecasting of game results or influencing on it;

- the exploitation an error on the Website or mistake in General Terms and Conditions by you in order to getting advantage of you or to the disadvantage of us or any third party.

13.4.3. Bonus Abuse includes (but is not limited by):

- a violation of Terms and Conditions of a bonus, freespins or any other our promotional offer;

- the creating of duplicate account (or several accounts) for getting multiple bonuses;

- all bonuses are limited in allowable times to use. If there is no other information in the conditional of the bonus, it should be used a maximum of 6 times per calendar month. If Account Holder has used a bonus more times than it was allowed, Krakencassino reserves the right to further explore the issue of bonus abusing and charge the amount of winnings (with using of bonus) from the account of a user.

-In the case, if Krakencassino administration has a strong reason to suspect the Account Holder in bonus abusing (either on their own or as part of colluded group), Krakencassino reserves the right to:

- to annul the bonus received by Account Holder and to cancel any winnings from that bonus;

- to block the bonus offer for the Account Holder;

- block an access to particular products;

- to block the participation of Account Holder in any future promotional offers;

- to block immediately the Account Holder’s account.



14.1. If there is no debt to us or any other Third side, you can close Your Account and terminate the Terms of Use on not less than twenty four hours’ notice to us at any time. You can contact our Customer Services Department - [email protected] for noticing us about your decision.

14.1.1. In request for closure of the account you may mention:

- the objective of your request (closure of the account);

- the reason of your decision (in particular if you are going to close your account because of concerns over the level of Your use of the Services. We will reply to your request after getting it. There will be a confirmation of closure of the account and the date, when this closure will be effective. Account Holder, for his part, commits to continue to assume responsibility for all activity on Your Account until such closure has been carried out by us (at which point the Terms of Use shall terminate).

14.2. Any outstanding balance in your Account will be returned to you after your requesting of account closure. You will get back your funds from account, if there is no debt to us or any other Third side (debt, related to your account).

14.3. Krakencassino reserves the right to withhold any funds on your account during its closure or after it. Funds may be withheld, if:

- there is a debt to us or any other Third side (related to your account);

- you are suspected by us in collusion, cheating, fraud, money laundering or other criminal activities.

14.4. In some cases we can open your account again after its closure, if you asked us to do it again. For opening account again we will use that information about your identity and payment methods, which were mentioned in your previous (closed) account. The Terms of Use will be in force at the date of any such re-opening and any prior entitlements (including, but without limitation, to bonuses or contingent winnings) will no longer be valid.


14.5. Krakencassino, in its turn, reserves the right to close your account at any time and terminate the Terms of Use and send you a written notice about it by using contact details in your account. In the event of any such termination by us we shall as soon as reasonably practicable following a request by You, refund the balance of Your Account.

14.6. In that case, if we should close your account because of collusion, cheating, fraud, money laundering, other criminal activities or breaching of the Terms of Use, which damaged us or any other Third side, the balance of Your Account will be non-refundable and deemed to be forfeited.


14.7. Krakencassino reserves the right to suspend your account in the circumstances, which were expressly set out in the Terms of Use. If the suspension of your account came into effect:

- all activities with using the suspended account will be suspended also (including deposits, withdrawals, betting or gaming). User will be able to act with using his account again in the day, when we activate his account;

- any bonuses or contingent winnings will not be credited to the account;

- we will consider the reason which forced us to suspend your account. We will try to resolve this issue at a reasonable time so that the account can be activated again or closed if necessary.

14.8. Krakencassino reserves the right, at its own discretion, to void any winnings, to forfeit any balance (winnings and deposits) in your Krakencassino account, to cancel any bet, to terminate the Agreement and to suspend for Account Holder the usage of Services or deactivate his/her account if:

- there were the strong reasons to believe, that you have disguised / interfered / taken steps to disguise or interfere in any way with the IP address of any Device used to access our Site (such as using a Virtual Private Network “VPN”);

- we have a reasonable ground to suspect that the Account Holder used forged documents (photos, scanned documents, screenshots etc.) during the verification process or in any another moment the Agreement is active;

- you are suspected by us in bonus abusing or just in making an attempt of bonus abusing (on your own or as a part of a colluded group);

- you are suspected in any fraudulent, collusive, fixing or other illegal activities regarding Krakencassino or any other Third parties;

- we have a strong reason to believe that you use any software-assisted methods or techniques or hardware devices during your gambler / gaming process with using the services provided by Krakencassino.

14.9. In case of any violation of the rules during using the site and its services, or in case of any suspicion of fraud and other illegal actions from the player’s side, the Operator has the right to close the exisiting player’s gaming account and to follow a message to the player about the account closure. In regard of any alternative dispute resolutions, Krakencassino administration is ready to provide with the necessary information indicating the reasons to the Third parties involved in resolving the dispute.

- If Krakencassino administration makes a decision to close the user`s account or if user on his own make such decision and send a appropriate request to Krakencassino Customer Service Department, the full balance will be paid out unless user is not suspected in any illegal and/or forbidden (e.g. Arbitrage, etc.) activities.


15.1. You assume responsibility for the quality and speed of Internet connection, which you are provided with. Also you are responsible for quality of the telecommunications networks, all your access devices and all the equipments, that you need to use for getting access to the Services. We will not be liable in any way for any losses damage caused to you as a result of technical issues, connected with Internet connection, telecommunications networks, your access device or other equipment you used for getting access to the Services. Krakencassino is not responsible and does not guarantee compatibility of services, that we provide, with any particular third-party software or hardware (including any external programme, used for forecasting the game results or influencing on them).

15.2. Using of Services, provided by Krakencassino, in defamatory, abusive, obscene, unlawful, of a racist, sexist or other discriminatory nature is strictly prohibited. Users also must not use any abusive or aggressive language or images, swear, threaten, harass or abuse any other person (including other users and Krakencassino administration).

15.3. You agree that you will use the Website for personal entertainment only. It is prohibited to provide access or reproduce the Website or any part of it in any form whatsoever without our express consent, including creating links to it.

15.4. You are responsible for any content, which you upload on the Website. If you upload any such content on the Website, you guarantee that:

- you have obtained all necessary approvals, consents, licences and permissions, which are needed for obtaining this content and uploading it on the Website;

- reproducing of this content will not infringe the copyright, trade mark, confidential information or any other intellectual property rights whatsoever of any third party;

- the uploaded content will not include any material, which will be in breach of paragraph 12.2 and paragraph 12.3;

- the uploaded content complies with all laws and regulations (including, in particular, those relating to data protection and privacy);

- the Operator has a right to use uploaded content at its own discretion.

15.5. You upload all materials on the Website at your own risk. You are responsible for all risks, that can be caused by content uploading. Krakencassino is not responsible for consequences and results (any loss of data or other damage) caused by any such uploading.

15.6. If there is a strong reason to believe that your uploading of content (or using a Website generally) is in breach of any paragraphs 12.2, 12.3, 12.4 or 12.5, Krakencassino reserves the right to remove from the Website any offending content immediately and without any notice and explanation.


We reserve the right, in our own discretion, alter or amend any product or service (including any pricing policies) available through the Website. Changes can be made at any time, but without prejudice to any games and/or bets already in progress at the time of such amendment. We may limit periodically your access to some parts of the Website in order to maintenance the Website / to make changes in it / to amend any game or product, provided by the Website.


17.1. Software may be needed to download and install to your access Device for making the use of the Website possible for you. Software may include (but is not limited): Access Device applications, our download Casino products, any promotional, marketing or facility applications, products and software.

17.2. In such circumstances, you may be required to enter into a separate agreement with the owner or licensor of such Software in respect of Your use of the same (a "Third-Party Software Agreement"). In that case, if the third-party agreement contravenes the Terms of Use, the Terms of Use will prevail.

17.3. You are responsible for ensuring that any Software is downloaded on your access device in a manner compatible with your own access device specific set-up. We are not responsible for damaging to your device, which can be caused by downloading any third-party software.

17.4. Any application, which is downloaded or installed on Your Access Device, shall confirm not only to the agreement between you and provider of this application, but also it shall confirm the agreement between you and Krakencassino.


If there are problems with the software or hardware, which we use for providing the Services, we will take all reasonable measures to remedy the problem as soon as reasonably practicable. If the technical issue causes the interruption of the game process (in the case, when you lost your progress and the game cannot be restarted from exactly the same position), we will treat each case individually and in a fair manner (including possibility of reinstating the balance on users account, recovering of the last bet or game, etc.). But if we have a reason to believe that you deliberately use a technical error, loophole or error in our or any third party's software, used by you in connection with the Services, for getting the advantage or disadvantage, Krakencassino does not take any responsibility and reserves the right not to compensate or refund players.


19.1. When using the Services you may have a situation, when we accepted a bet or wager, or made a payment by mistake. A list of such circumstances is (but is not limited):

- if we misstate any odds or terms of a bet or gaming wager to you as a result of obvious error or omission in inputting the information or setting up a market, or as a result of a computer malfunction;

- if the amount of received winning is incorrect (including that cases, when it happens because of the mistake in Users guide or technical failure).

19.2. Krakencassino reserves the right to:

- correct any errors, which are related to placed bet, or error connected with Operator;

- at its own discretion, not to compensate for funds, which were lost as a result of such errors.

19.3. You are also responsible for controlling the availability and results of such mistakes and errors. If you have received funds on your account by mistake, it is your responsibility to inform us about it and return the money to the company. In the case, if there are reasons to think that we have transferred money to you by mistake, we reserve the right to request from you the information about the receiving of these money. We commit to make all reasonable steps for detection of the error and inform you about it as soon as possible.

19.4. We (including our employees and agents), our partners or suppliers are not responsible for any losses (including loss of winnings), that happened as a result of any our or your error.

19.5. If you become aware of any error connected with Services, provided by us, You shall inform us about it as soon as possible.

19.6. Krakencassino reserves the right to cancel any bet / withhold any winnings, if they were made or were gotten by using the funds, which we transferred to you by mistake. If there are money, transferred by mistake on your account, you shall repay it to us immediately or after our requesting.


20.1. You understand and take all risks, which can be caused by using our Services and gambling whatsoever. We are not responsible for any attempts by you to use the services by methods, means or ways, which were not intended by us.

20.2. Krakencassino provides the services, based on professional approach and caring for users, but we can not give other guarantees about products and services, which can be connected with our Services. Particularly, we can not guarantee that the Website will be availability continuously or that were not be any bugs, viruses or other errors.

20.3. We (our group companies, affiliates, officers, directors, agents and employees) are not responsible to the users for following items, whether the liability is provided for by contract (or other document) or not:

- loss of data;

- loss of benefit;

- loss of revenue;

- loss of Business Opportunity;

- loss of or damage to goodwill or reputation;

- business interruption;

- any loss or damage (indirect, special or consequential), even where such loss or damage has been notified to us as being possible, arising out of the Terms of Use or any use whatsoever by You of the Services.


21.1. You agree that you will fully indemnify, defend and hold Krakencassino and our officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors and suppliers harmless from and against any and all losses, costs, expenses, claims, demands, liabilities and damages (including legal fees), however caused, that may arise, whether or not reasonably foreseeable, as a result of or in connection with:

- the access to the Services and use of it by you or any third person, who used your username and password to login on the Website;

- violation by you of the terms and provisions of the Terms of Use.

21.2. If you violated the Terms of Use, Krakencassino administration may at her discretion, before your account suspension or its termination, send you a notification by using your contact details). There may be mentioned that you violate specific term or condition, and there will also be requirement to stop the relevant acting or failure to act, and/or requiring you to put right an act or fault on your part. We may also warning you of actions, that we intended to do in the case, if you do not stop the relevant acting / failure to act / to put right an act / fault on your part.

21.3. In the case, if you violate any of the provisions of the Terms of Use, Krakencassino reserves the right to recover from your Account any positive balance to the extent of any amount reasonably claimed against you pursuant to item 18.1.


22.1. All materials on the Website (design, text, graphics, music, sound, photographs, video, the selection and arrangement thereof, software compilations, underlying source code, software, etc.) are subject to copyright and other proprietary rights, which are owned by us or used under licence from third party rights owners. Any material relating to the Services may be downloaded only to one device. Hard copies may be printed solely for your own personal, non-commercial use.

22.2. It is prohibited to use the Services in order to obtain any intellectual property rights, which are owned by Krakencassino or by any third party whatsoever. According to Terms of Use, it is allowed to use the Website solely for users own personal, non-commercial purposes.

22.3. User is not entitled to use or reproduce any trademarks or logos, which are used on the Website at all times, except specifically permitted in accordance with the Terms of Use.

22.4. You agree that you will not allow any other person to copy, store, publish, rent, licence, sell, distribute, alter, add to, delete, remove or tamper with the Website or any part of it.

22.5. You agree not to display or use any materials on the Website (such logos, designs, trademarks and other distinctive brand features) in any manner without our prior written consent.

22.6. All the information (written letters, any attachments, etc.) between Krakencassino and you, are strictly confidential. It is intended solely for the addressee and must not be disclosed to any third person. It is strictly prohibited to use, copy or take any other actions for disclosure of this information.


23.1. It is strictly prohibited for users to:

- damage the Website in any way;

- attempt to gain non-authorized access to the Website, the servers on which the Website is stored or any server, computer or database connected to the Website;

- use wrong incorrect information when creating the account and generally regarding to the Company;

- open the duplicate account or more;

- intentionally or accidentally use any features, which may affect the function of the Website in any way. Following examples relay to such features, but not limited to: releasing or propagating viruses, worms, trojans, logic bombs or similar material, that is malicious or harmful;

- interfere in any way in the functioning of the Website, to delete or alter any parts/information, which is included on the Website;

- attack the Website via a denial-of-service attack or a distributed denial-of-service attack. We will report any suspected breach of the Computer Misuse Act 1990 to the relevant law enforcement authorities, as well as with Interpol and we will cooperate with those authorities by disclosing Your identity to them. In the event of such a breach, your right to use the Website will be ceased immediately.

- Krakencassino can not be liable for any loss or damage, which can be caused by a distributed denial-of-service attack, viruses or other technologically harmful material that may infect your access device and related equipment, computer programs, data or other proprietary material due to your use of the Website or to your downloading of any material posted on such Website, or on any website linked to the Website.


24.1. All information about you and your account, which you use for action on the Website and which we held, is securely stored and remain confidential (if another fact is not noticed in the Terms of Use).

24.2. According to law, we must comply with data protection requirements in the way in which we use any personal information collected from You in Your use of the Services. We therefore take very seriously our obligations in relation to the way in which we use Your personal information.

24.3. We shall be provided with a specific information by you for giving you the access to our Services. Such information includes: your name and date of birth, your contact details, and also may be information about your interest in our marketing promotions).

All Prior to Your use of and when You use the Services it will be necessary for us to collect certain information about You, including Your name and date of birth, Your Contact Details, and may also include information about Your marketing preferences (all of which shall be known as "Your Personal Information").

24.4. When you provide us with your personal information, you give a consent your data processing by us. We may process for following purpose:

- for the purposes, which are mentioned in the Terms of Use (including the Privacy Policy);

- for other purposes (when we need to process your personal information in order to provide you an opportunity to use our Services. For the same purpose we reserve the right to share your personal data with our service providers and agents. We may also disclose your personal information in order to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation).

24.5. Krakencassino reserves the right to retain copies of any communications that user sends to us (including copies of any emails) in order to be able for maintaining accurate records of the user acting on the Website.


25.1. The Website uses 'cookies' for tracking your use of the internet and for assisting the functionality of the Website. A cookie is a small text file, which is downloaded onto your access device when you access the Website. It also allows us to recognise when you come back to the Website again. Cookies are used by us for the operation of the Website (for example, it allows you to remain logged in as you browse between, while you use your account for betting on or playing the games, different parts of the Website). Cookies also are used by us for our own analytical purposes. Using of cookies provides us an opportunity for identifying the part of the Website or specific moment of using it, where/when customers have encountered technical problems. So it therefore helps us improve our customers’ experience.

- The cookies we use and their purpose.

- Required cookies: enable access to users on the website.

- Functional cookies: allow us to analyze the use of our website and your choices on the website (for example, your session key, language or region).

Advertising cookies: allow us to evaluate how effective our content marketing is. These cookies are provided by our partners to track website visits and register new advertising players. We do not share your personal information (such as name, email address, etc.) with affiliated partners, with the exception of data on website visits collected directly by such advertising cookies. However, data about your visit to the site may be associated with other personal information obtained from other sources by suppliers.

The final processing of external data is governed by the privacy notices and policies of these third-party providers. In addition to the above, we use a number of third-party service providers who also set cookies on this website to provide the services they provide to us. Such services include, but are not limited to, helping us improve your experience by tracking your activity on the Website, measuring the effectiveness of the Website and the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns.

Most internet browsers automatically accept cookies. If you wish, you can block some or all cookies or delete those that have already been set by changing your browser settings. However, we recommend that you do not block or delete cookies, as this may limit your use of our website.


26.1. If it is necessary for you to make a complaint regarding the Services, provided by us, you should primarily contact Customer Support Services as soon as possible and reasonably. When contacting you should describe the issue, which you have to deal with.

26.2. If there is a dispute arising from the Terms of Use which cannot be resolved by Customer Services, You can send a relevant request to [email protected]. We will make reasonable efforts to resolve the matter for your satisfaction immediately or by contacting You as soon as possible.

26.3. You understand and agree with a fact, that the results of all games, provided by the Services, are determined by our random number generator. If the game result, you have recently played, will have a difference between the result on your screen and the result on the game server, the second result on the server will prevail. You understand it and accept it. You acknowledge and agree that our records will be the final authority in determining the terms and circumstances of your participation in the relevant online gaming activity and the results of this participation.

26.4. If we want to contact the User, we may use any of his/her contact details. Notices will be deemed to have been properly served and received by you immediately after an email is sent or after we have communicated with you directly by phone (including where we leave you a voicemail), or three days after the date of posting of any letter. In proving the service of any notice, it will be sufficient to prove, in the case of a letter, that such letter was properly addressed, stamped and placed in the post; in the case of an email, that such email was sent to the specified email address (if any) in your contact details at the time that any such email was sent.


27.1. Krakencassino reserves the right to transfer, assign, and sublicense or pledge the Terms of Use (an "assignment"), in whole or in part, to any person without notice to you before, under the condition that any such assignment will be on the same terms or terms that are no less advantageous to Krakencassino customers.

27.2. User has not the right to assign, sublicense or otherwise transfer in any manner whatsoever any of his/her rights or obligations, according to the Terms of Use.


28.1. Krakencassino is not responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under the Terms of Use that is caused by events, which are not under our control (including, but is not limited by, any telecommunications network failures, power failures, failures in third party computer (or other) equipment, fire, lightning, explosion, flood, severe weather, industrial disputes or lock-outs, terrorist activity and acts of government or other competent authorities. These circumstances relay to a "Force Majeure Event". They are not verifiable and could not be predicted.

28.2. Our operation might be suspended for the period of continuing of the Force Majeure Event. We for our part will make all reasonable efforts to resolve the issue and find the solution, which will allow us to perform our obligations despite the Force Majeure Event.


29.1. The user shall comply with his obligations to us, also where:

- we do not insist upon strict performance of any of user`s obligation;

- we have not an opportunity to exercise of any rights or remedies, which we are entitled to (this shall not constitute a waiver of such rights or remedies).

29.2. Any refusal to comply with any of the rules and provisions of the Terms of Use is not valid unless its description expressly indicates that the implementation of this rule or provision is optional.

29.3. No waiver by us of any of the provisions of the Terms of Use shall be effective unless it is expressly stated to be a waiver and is communicated to you in writting.


30.1. If any competent authority determine any of the Terms of Use as invalid, unlawful or unenforceable, they will be severed from the remaining terms, conditions and provisions which will continue to be valid to the fullest extent permitted by law.

30.2. In that cases, the part deemed invalid or unenforceable shall be changed in accordance to current legislation.


31.1. The Terms of Use and any other documents, which were expressly referred to in them, constitute the entire agreement between you and us. They replace any prior agreement, understanding or arrangement between you and us (spoken or written).

31.2. The company and the user agree that they do not rely on other representation, undertaking or promise, which were given by the other or implied from anything said or written in negotiations between us except as expressly stated in the Terms of Use.


32.1. With the exception of the Operator’s Group companies, unless these Terms of Use expressly state otherwise:

- party or person, who does not have to follow these Terms of Use, has no right to enforce any of the terms under the Contracts (Right of Third Parties);

- if it is mentioned, that a person or party, who is not a party of these Terms of Use, has the right to enforce any of its terms according to contracts of third party`s rights, we reserve the right to rescind or vary these Terms of Use at our own discretion (and any other documents, which you entered into pursuant to or in connection with it) without your consent or the consent of that person/party.

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